We at Aegon believe in making our customers feel special. That is why we are commited to provide exceptional services to our customers, 24x7, not missing a single call.

We assure to provide our customers with the highest levels of customer service experience. This will ensure that they receive timely feedback on queries, quick response on requests and speedy resolutions on their complaints. That's a promise!

Services TATs
Service ListMaximum Turnaround Time
New Business
Decision of proposals and communication of decisions including requirements/ Issuance of Policy from receipt of proposal or any requirement called for whichever is later15 days
Furnishing a copy of the policy proposal to the policyholder after acceptance of the proposal30 days
Post policy issuance service requests regarding errors in the policy document10 days
Refund of Excess Proposal deposit after issuance15 days
Policy Servicing requests not involving payout
Change in personal and contact details of customer10 days
Change in policy details (cover/premium/rider)10 days
Assignment / Change in Nomination10 days
Alternation or issue of duplicate policy document10 days
Policy Servicing requests involving payout
Surrender15 days
Partial Withdrawal15 days
Free look Cancellation15 days
Reinstatement15 days
Raising claim requirements after lodging the claim4 days
Death claim settlement without investigation requirement7 days from receipt of last document
Death claim settlement/Repudiation with investigation report15 days from completion on investigation
Living Benefits
Refunds due to Termination of Lapsed policiesT+1 Working day
Survival BenefitsT+1 Working day
Maturity BenefitsT+1 Working day
Annuity pay-outsT+1 Working day
Acknowledge a grievance3 days
Resolve a grievance15 days

  Download  a list of accepted documents for address & ID proof

  Download  the Issuance and Acceptance List

Our objective is to promote better and continued service to our customers. You may access our self service options 24/7 at your convenience from below;

We commit to resolve our customer queries and complaints on priority. If the outcome of your complaint is not handled to your satisfaction, you may choose to write to our Escalation Desk at escalation.desk@aegonlife.com