We all take our health and well-being for granted, but with longer working hours and lesser physical activity, it is hard to avoid certain lifestyle disorders. We all need to make a conscious effort to change our lifestyle, but we also need to stay protected with a robust health insurance plan.  

But before buying one, you need to understand different types of health insurance plans to know which is best suited to give you the coverage you need. Here, we help you understand the different types and categories of health insurance and their benefits.

It is a financial product that pays you or your dependants a sum of money either at maturity or upon your untimely death.

Term Insurance are protection plans which provide only life cover. These plans can help you get adequate cover at low cost.

ULIPs are combination of life cover and investment. They offer choices of funds depending on your risk appetite.

Retirement Plans are Pension plans. These plan can help you build corpus for your retirement years.

Tax planning helps you smartly minimize the amount of income tax payable and hence have more savings