You have always supported your loved ones, be it financially or emotionally, but have you considered how they will manage once you are gone?

The truth is, no one is ever fully prepared for death, but a little planning can help your family live a fulfilling life, no matter what. A life insurance policy is for the first step in effective planning. If you haven’t considered buying life insurance yet, it is high time you did.

To better suit the unique needs of your family, we have created different kinds of life insurance plans, each with specific features and suitability. You can choose from our range of group insurance, joint insurance, and term insurance plans, as well as opt for our policies focused on women and children.  

If you have questions around insurance claims and how insurance works, worry not! You can find all your answers here.

Term Insurance are protection plans which provide only life cover. These plans can help you get adequate cover at low cost.

ULIPs are combination of life cover and investment. They offer choices of funds depending on your risk appetite.

Retirement Plans are Pension plans. These plan can help you build corpus for your retirement years.

Health Plans are designed to secure you and your family against expenses due to medical emergency.

Tax planning helps you smartly minimize the amount of income tax payable and hence have more savings